History of Flaming Arrow Archery

Dennis Brieske opened Flaming Arrow Archery the summer of 2005, next door to his collision repair shop, Brieske’s.  He had a passion for archery for the past 30 years, and an avid bowhunter for the past 25 years.  He was trained and certified by the NFAA (Nation Field Archery Association) as an instructor.  He has participated in various competitions and has been a three-time state champion.  Dennis passed away last year in October 2016.  His family decided to get out of the archery business recently, Nicole Tindale has taken it over and we are still going strong.  Dennis worked closely with Nicole before he passed to not only run the shop, but also repair, replace, and do anything we need to do that is archery related.  Nicole is a Level 1 NFAA certified instructor, working on Level 2 and S3DA Training soon as well.  

“You don’t have to be a bow hunter to enjoy archery, but you have to be a good archer to be a successful bow hunter”.   

-Dennis Brieske