Flaming Arrow Archery center is an archery pro shop providing high quality archery equipment and friendly expert knowledge. 

Striving to make everyone who walks in a better archer, Flaming Arrow is shooting for your team.  With a complete line of Compound and Recurve Bows and Arrows, Crossbows, Flaming Arrow Archery of Kalispell has you covered in ALL archery services.  Using custom fit bows to fit your every archery need, if you’re a rookie or a pro, we can help. Our services include, complete bow custom fitting, bow repair and an indoor shooting range up to 50 yards.  We also have a Techno (Video) Range, where you can go hunting in Africa or shoot simple little critters!  Stop in today and talk to one of our professional representatives!

Bow Repair Services

  • Tune – Basic
  • Rest Replacements
  • Draw Length Adjustments
  • Sight Replacements
  • String Replacement
  • Complete Bow Repair


  • Refletch an Arrow with Vanes 2”, 3”, 4” $3.90 ea
  • Refletch an Arrow with Feathers 3”, 4”, 5” $4.75 ea
  • Cut down an Arrow-Resize $1.00 ea if a new insert is needed add $0.75 ea
  • Carbon Express Nock $0.85ea
  • Gold Tip, H, X, G, S Nock $0.75 ea
  • Basic Insert $0.75 ea
  • Practice tips-65gr-145gr 6 for $3.00
  • Bench Bow Tune $20 and Up
  • Paper Tune-we will assist you to tune your bow to you! No additional charge other than if it needs adjusting. 
  • Tie in Peep $10.00
  • Loop $5.00
  • Reserve cables, center serving, string serving $15 and up
  • Replace Basic String and Cable $80 (Installed and tuned) not prestretched
  • Octane String and Cable(s) $140 (Installed and tuned) Prestretched
  • Custom Strings Pre-Stretch Quality String 140 (Installed and tuned)
  • Winner’s Choice String and Cable $150 (Installed and tuned)
  • Peep Tubing $2.00
  • Labor for bow repair $60/hour
  • Install Drop-Away Rest $20
  • Install Sight $5
  • We will install your rest, sight, any accessory you purchase from us for FREE!!

Bow Setup & Instruction

If you purchase a new bow, we can help you set it up from start to shooting. We do not charge to teach someone to learn this sport. Or if you just need a few pointers to help increase your accuracy!

Shooting Instruction available for those who need help with their current equipment please call for times and pricing.

We ensure you will become an accurate, consistent shooter if you just follow some of the simple techniques we give you!

Indoor Shooting Range

  • $6.00 – day
  • $30.00 – 1 month
  • $90 – 6 months
  • $175 – year